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Two dimensional image measuring instrument attention

Two dimensional image measuring instrument used in the process, pay attention to the following matters:
(1) before lifting the workpiece to be returned to the original point of the probe, set aside more space for hoisting position; smooth lifting of the workpiece, do not impact image measuring instrument of any component.
(2) properly installed parts, prior to installation ensure compliance with isothermal requirements for parts and measuring machines.
(3) establish the right coordinate system, to ensure that the coordinate system of the building meets the requirements of drawings, to ensure that the data is accurate.
(4) when an operation is programmed to prevent interference in the probe and the workpieces, the need to pay attention to increase the turning point.
(5) for some large heavy mold, inspection tools, Workbench under the measure should be suspended in time at the end to avoid image measuring instrument console is in the host State for a long time.