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Development Of Instrumentation Industry Focus Areas

industrial automatic instrument and system
A. New generation control system and integrated automation, development and industrialization, including distributed control system and fieldbus control system and development control system based on industrial computer;
B. Development and industrialization of advanced control and optimization software, including advanced process control technology, process optimization, real-time monitoring software platform, system integration, information integration software platform technology;
C. Intelligent instruments, actuators and transducers, complete sets of special control and sets special optimization system of development and industrialization;
scientific instruments
A. Chromatography instruments, increase the separation technology, developed with world class miniature color spectrometer;
B. Spectrometer, focusing on developing the international competitive ability of wide plasma spectrometer, a near-infrared spectrometer, a small photometer;
C. Agriculture and food-specific instruments, focusing on overcoming improved quality and pesticide residue levels of special instruments and techniques;
D. Special instruments for environment and energy, key sets, including online, early warning and environmental testing equipment, development of nuclear magnetic resonance logging equipment with independent intellectual property rights;