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From The Use Of The Environment To See The Projection Spotlight To Buy

From the use of the environment to see the projection Spotlight to buy
Projector projection principle is to use the projector in the Spotlight, generate light to the signal projected to the distance of the big screen, the projection effect is not only with the performance of the projector, but also with the projector's use of the environment Very big relationship. Obviously, the effect of projection in a higher brightness environment is much worse than in a darker environment. The higher the brightness of the environment, the longer the projection distance, the larger the projection screen, the higher the brightness, on the contrary, if the ambient brightness is dark, the projection distance is relatively close, the projection screen is relatively small, you only need a lower brightness You can. The latest and more popular micro-projector in the general requirements can replace the traditional low lumen projector, it can be said in the projector, the Spotlight dominate everything. And then high-end projector, if the Spotlight brightness is not enough, but also get a good projection effect.
Therefore, when selecting the Spotlight, it is necessary to purchase according to the environment in which the projector is used. Such as the use of small conference rooms, the space is smaller, the projection screen will not be great, this environment will not be very high brightness requirements, the current general choice of about 2000 lumens can easily meet or use LED micro projector You can also, ordinary metal halogen Spotlight can achieve such brightness. And if it is relatively bright in the large conference room to use, the projection distance is generally far, the projection screen is relatively large, such users in the purchase of Spotlight when the brightness and contrast are also higher, we recommend the purchase of the mainstream 3000 Lumen brightness of the Spotlight, this type of user in the purchase of Spotlight can only choose cold light source type UHE or UHP, as well as UMPRD, SAP and so on. And if it is a home user, mainly for watching TV, movies, the clarity and dynamic effects are relatively high, so the brightness of the projector Spotlight is relatively high, even higher than the brightness of the large conference hall, so high Brightness of the cold light Spotlight is also the choice of home users.
Different Spotlight prices are different, metal halogen Spotlight price is cheaper than the grid, generally as long as 1,000 yuan to 2,000 yuan, UHE Spotlight price is generally between 2000 yuan to 4000 yuan, and UHP Spotlight because of the longer life, generally have to 4000 Above the yuan, and some even more than 8,000 yuan. Although the cost of LED Spotlight is relatively high, but after the general purchase no longer need to replace the Spotlight, in the long run, the cost is still relatively low. The cost of the general Spotlight accounted for about 30% of the projector, so buy what type of Spotlight also depends on the use of the projector frequency, it will not cause waste.
If you use the frequency is not high, the use of time is not long, you can choose a relatively short life, the price is relatively low metal halogen Spotlight, it is 2000 hours of service life is not high users have been enough to use for a long time. And for large and medium-sized enterprises and home users, the use of more frequent, and the use of a long time, it is best to use a small brightness attenuation, long life LED light source micro-projector, this type of Spotlight not only to ensure that the projector for a long time, But also to provide high brightness and contrast, to meet the user on the big screen, long distance projection needs. If you use the projector for a long time users also choose metal halogen Spotlight, although the price of the Spotlight is relatively cheap, but the cost of frequency replacement is also very high, it is recommended for a long time to use the projector users choose a longer life cold light Spotlight. Also note that the purchase of the Spotlight when not because of the cheap and choose no-name inferior products, because the Spotlight is working in high temperature and high pressure environment, if the quality is not good, it is likely to produce Spotlight burst, explosion phenomenon.