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Spotlight To Enhance The Brightness And Luminous Efficiency Of The Importance

Spotlight to enhance the brightness and luminous efficiency of the importance
Spotlight market development and market base size has an absolute impact, 01 Spotlight into the mobile phone market, making the overall market showed the first wave of high-speed growth, especially in the high-brightness Spotlight market in 2001 to 2004 achieved an annual growth rate of up to 46%. But after 04 years, with the proportion of color screen mobile phone more than 80%, the monitor backlight to use white light spot slowed down, coupled with China's Taiwan and South Korea manufacturers also introduced a low price of the keyboard Spotlight, the Spotlight price significantly Down. In the absence of new markets, driven by the growth of the old market base, the global Spotlight market in 2005 into a low growth trend.
Early in 2008 the global energy prices, with energy-saving advantages of the Spotlight to become a popular star industry, one after another new manufacturers into the Spotlight industry. Intra-industry manufacturers optimistic about the Spotlight in the lighting market and liquid crystal display backlight market penetration growth, continued expansion. In the market an optimistic situation, the third quarter of 2008 from the global financial tsunami, the market demand for instant freezing, in addition to lighting and other emerging market penetration is not as optimistic as expected, the Christmas lights, small size display backlight, etc. both the market Due to consumer purchasing capacity decline, showing a recession.
Due to slow demand, it is difficult to consume the beginning of the expansion of production capacity, resulting in a substantial change in product prices down, the overall market boom from prosperity to recession, but fortunately the first half of the market growth, offset part of the negative impact of the second half of the market decline, The market grew slightly by 3% from 2007 to $ 6.76 billion.
Product structure has not changed significantly, high-brightness Spotlight is still the mainstream products. In the case of individual product analysis, the global Spotlight portfolio changed little in 2008, and high-brightness Spotlights were still the main product types, but were affected by the global financial tsunami, leading to a decline in consumer spending, general brightness and invisible light (infrared) Spotlight And market share declined.
Quaternary compounds and GaN-based compounds made of high-brightness Spotlight, brightness, luminous efficiency and other product characteristics continue to grow, so that its application continues to expand. Especially in the large-size LCD display backlight market, NB and LCD-TV began to import led backlight module, driven by the financial turmoil on the impact of slowdown in market demand, the market size remained at 5% growth, market share increased to 72 %.
Over the past few years the general brightness of the Spotlight, because of its low unit price, product reliability, in the toy, decorative light string and other parts do not need high-brightness applications, still has a considerable advantage, product price is quite stable. Affected by the global financial tsunami, consumer demand for such products to reduce the product price also showed a decline, making the general brightness Spotlight market than the 2007 recession 6%, market share in 2007 than the recession 1%, only 15%.
By the mobile phone market downturn, as well as in the optical mouse market with laser diode complementary products introduced, invisible light (infrared light) Spotlight market decline in 2007 than 3%, market share fell to 13%.
Portable product market share stabilized. On the application of market analysis, Spotlight applications are quite broad, for example, electronic products, home appliances, automobiles, traffic signals, billboards and other needs point light source or surface light source occasions, are Spotlight application market. Since the year 2000, with the brightness and efficiency of high-brightness Spotlight products, portable products (such as mobile phones, PDA, digital cameras, etc.) are widely used in the field of home appliances, electronic products or toys, Extensive use as a product screen or button light source, with the portable product market growth, making portable products become the largest Spotlight market applications